Our Team

Leaf and Honey is a women owned business that prides itself on providing high quality, ethically sourced loose-leaf teas and honey from around the world. With our home in Southern California, and over two decades of experience in the tea industry, we are passionate about being a resource for our customers to experience the wellness benefits from nature.

  • Desiree Nelson - Chief Leaf

    Meet Desiree, our Chief Leaf and the heart and soul behind our tea offerings. A seasoned tea sourcing and blending expert, bee lover, and avid enthusiast of all things wellness. When she's not immersed in crafting the perfect blend, you'll find her exploring the great outdoors through hiking, biking, and championing the Pickleball scene. Follow her #teagirladventures and join the journey into the world of exquisite teas.

  • Paige Nelson - Chief Hive Director

    Born into the world of tea, Paige, the Chief Hive Director, is the daughter of Desiree. Currently pursuing a Business major with an emphasis on Marketing at SDSU, Paige is infusing her family's passion for tea into her pilot project, Leaf and Honey Co. Her goal is to share the joy of tea with friends and support causes close to our hearts. Always ready for a cup, Paige believes that when it comes to tea, the answer is always "yes."

  • Saige Reale - Chief Marketing Bee

    Meet Saige, our Chief Marketing Bee and the creative force behind our brand. Saige wakes up ready to seize every incredible moment in nature, from hiking to surfing and creating delicious, healthy meals. As a talented artist, she brings her unique perspective to interpret her art into our brand, making us proud and excited to share the Leaf and Honey Co. experience with the world.